fuse (network di xubuntu)

Karena Thunar tidak mengakomodasi nework browsing maka perlu adanya tambahan aplikasi. Berikut langkah-langkah yang saya terapkan.

  1. Applications -> System -> Shared Folders. (silahkan di modifikasi pada item ini)
  2. Install fusesmb
  3. Edit pada /etc/modules masukan kata “fuse” (tanpa petik), lalu simpan
  4. Reboot xubuntu
  5. Applications -> System -> Users and Group pada Properties nama pengguna pada tap User Priveleges centang "Allow use of fuse file systems…"
  6. Buat folder, tempat memount network…., kalo saya memakai /media/network. Change permissions to read / write for group and others (777).
    *** 6.a) In a terminal, type: sudo chown <username>:fuse /media/network
    (Where <username> is your user account logon name)
    *** 6.b) Double check that the permission to use fuse took. Applications -> System -> Users and Groups… Manage Groups… find fuse and choose properties. Make sure your user name account is in that group and check-marked.
    *** 6.c) Reboot the system and triple check with step 6.6
  7. In XFCE Applications -> Settings -> Autostarted Applications… Add an application… name and describe as you wish… for command line, put: fusesmb /media/network (Or whatever mountoint you created).
    Open Thunar, and navigate to the parent folder of your mountpoint… then drag the ‘mounpoint folder’ to the places (shortcut) pane of thunar.
  8. 8) Logout and log back in (So the user privilege and fusesmb autostart will take affect)
    *** Added steps to help prevent some access denied issues some people have been experiencing with fusesmb.

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